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Lash Extensions:

Full set $140 for a 2 hour appointment. Some people have a lot of natural lashes and may need longer, if schedule availability allows we’ll extend the session at the rate of $70 per hour to give you as full a set as possible, usually only an extra 15-30 minutes is required.

You’ll likely need a fill once every 2-2.5 weeks. The more often you come the less time it will take to tidy them and fill the ones that have shed.

Fills are priced at $70.00/hr.

Please arrive to your appointments with no eye make up so we have the maximum time available to add in extensions.

Due to the quick nature of the threading / tinting we prefer you to select the first or last available appointment shown online so they sit alongside another appointment or be aware we may call to rearrange the appointment to free up time slots for longer services.

Tinting / Perming:

Brow tint $24.00

Brow Tint & Thread combo $42.00

Eyelash tint $25.00

Eyelash perm lift $55.00 (1 Hour)

Lash perm & tint combo – $75.00 (1 hour 15 minutes)


Brow thread $22.00

Lip $16.00

Brow & Lip combo – $35.00

Chin $15.00

Cheek $15.00

Full face $50.00

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows – $475+

– An innovative semi-permanent make-up technique

– Brow hairs are drawn into the skin with a tiny hand held blade and cosmetic pigment

– Results vary but can last 12-24 months

– The initial appointment must be followed by a touch up 4-6 weeks after

– 7-10 day recovery time

 – Call 403 609 9904 or book online for a consultation with Tanya – see @browsbytan