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Hilights & Color


Highlights & Color


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Stylist – Intermediate / Senior

Balayage w/ Root Colour & Haircut     

$245.00 – $260.00+

Balayage w/ Root Colour & Blow dry

$225.00 – $245.00+

Balayage w/ Haircut     

$215.00 – $225.00+

Balayage w/ Blow Dry

$200.00 – $210.00+

Existing Clients – Balayage Touch-up & Haircut

$200.00 – $210.00+

Full Highlights & Root/Base Colour & Haircut

$200.00 – $210.00+

Full Highlights & Root/Base Colour & Blow dry

$180.00 – $190.00+

Full highlights & Haircut

$185.00 – $195.00+

Full highlights & Blow Dry

$170.00 – $175.00+

Partial highlights & Root/Base Colour & Haircut

$185.00 – $195.00+

Partial highlights & Root/Base Colour & Blow Dry

$170.00 – $180.00+

Partial highlights & Haircut

$175.00 – $185.00+

Partial highlights & Blow Dry

$150.00 – $165.00+

Full Colour & Haircut

$165.00 – $170.00+

Full Colour & Blow Dry

$140.00 – $150.00+

Root Touch Up & Solid Color & Hair Cut

$140.00 – $150.00+

Root Touch Up Solid Color & Blow Dry

$130.00 – $135.00+



Colour Correction


Color consultations


Colour 10


Bleach & Tone Re Touch & Hair Cut

$205.00 – $220.00+

Bleach & Tone Re Touch & Blow Dry

$180.00 – $190.00+


$15 per 1/8oz. Quantity needed depends on how much color is mixed or the length of the hair as a stand alone treatment.


*All color services include up to 50 grams of color. Anything over is charged at a cost of $0.25 per gram.


We reserve the right to charge extra for either more intricate requests or when extra product is needed because of extra hair.

All color services must be finished with a blow dry or a haircut.

Deposits:  All new colour clients will be required to place a credit card on file. Any NO SHOWS will be charged $100. If we are given 24 hours notice we will reschedule at no charge.

Fashion Colour Disclaimer:

Unlike permanent hair colour, which lives in the cortex of the hair, fashion colours are temporary colours that simply coat the outer layer of your hair. Following these steps will ensure the maximum longevity of your hair colour:


* wait 2-3 days after your colour service to wash your hair

* only wash hair 2-3 times a week max with sulphate free, pH balanced salon quality shampoo and conditioner

* wash hair using cold water (the coldest you can possibly handle!)

* use dry shampoo as often as you can instead of shampoo

* minimize the use of hot tools

* flat iron/curling iron should stay below 290° and ALWAYS use a thermal protectant


The longevity of fashion colors vary greatly from person to person. Contributing factors to this are the condition and porosity of the hair, frequency of washing, products used, and amount of heat styling done. Because of these factors there can be NO GUARANTEE of longevity. Color refreshes will be applied at 100% of service price.

We can make a take home color shampoo or conditioner to help with longevity at a cost of the shampoo or conditioner plus cost of color product if the client wishes.

We will ask fashion color clients to agree to these terms at the start of the appointment.